Document Workflow System

Comprehensive handling of university processes.

Document Workflow

Comprehensive handling of university processes.

Document Workflow System.

Supports comprehensive management of a modern university in the area of electronic document circulation and financial control. Its modular design allows you to tailor its functionality to the requirements of a particular unit. It enables remote working by logging in via a web browser from any device with Internet access anywhere and anytime.

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Switch to an electronic document workflow and streamline the daily work of all university employees.

Be paperless.

• Speed up information flow and document workflow.
• Improve communication and handling of cases and processes.
• Secure access to documents and manage permissions.
• Use e-documents and reduce the risk of data loss.
• Reduce paper consumption and protect the environment.

Take control of your finances.

• Plan and keep track of your budget.
• Monitor payments and outstanding receivables.
• Use project folders in implementing activities.
• Record and approve billing between departments.

Streamline daily operations.

• Submit procurement needs and oversee their implementation.
• Manage your task list and monitor the job status.
• Plan the tasks to be completed for the projects.
• Link documents from different modules to each other.
• Use ready-made document templates.
• Support your HR processes with employee e-files.
• Communicate via virtual messenger and bulletin board.

Monitor and control.

• Conduct audits and gather e-documentation.
• Use recordkeeping, verification and acceptance of authorizations.
• Realize and create advanced reports and analyses.
• Keep an electronic record of fixed assets.
• Use document expiry date reminders.
• Electronically describe, decree, and approve expense invoices.
• Control employee access to IT network resources.

Why Asseco Document Flow System?

Comprehensive management of processes

Permanent access to e-documents

Full support for university staff

System modularity and flexibility

Automation of document workflow

Data security and confidentiality

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